Eva Louisa Jonas is a visual artist, facilitator and co-founder of art platform UnderExposed. She lives and works in Brighton, U.K. 
Central aspects of her practice involve building photographic narrative through construction and material – forms at rest or manipulated, influenced by our habitual and gestural environments. 
Recent shows include >Keep Your Eyes Peeled< at Aff Galerie in Berlin, September 2020 and A Rumour Reached the Village in Why do it together if you can do it alone? at Lewisham Art House, as part of the PIC London Collective Strategies program, October 2019. 
Eva is a recipient of the Little Barn Bursary 2019 for emerging Female Photographers and was a Photoworks Graduate Award 2019 Runner Up for her series 'That Thing Over There that surrounds and sustains us'. In 2018 she received a grant to spend 6 months developing her practice at Nagoya University of the Arts, Aichi, Japan.
She will publish her first book -----> 'Let's sketch the lay of the land' with Parisian publisher, September books in Autumn 2020.
The art platform she co-founded UnderExposed is interested in mutual learning processes and (un)learning practices. Recent commissions include Chain Reaction ‘Curated by UnderExposed’ a new project included in the Photoworks Annual 26. Communal Rituals as part of the Brighton Centre for the Contemporary Arts online digital program Communal: Passages of Time 2020.