Eva Louisa Jonas is a visual artist, facilitator and co-founder of art platform UnderExposed*. She lives and works in Brighton, U.K. 
Central aspects of her practice involve building photographic narrative through construction and material – forms at rest or manipulated, influenced by our habitual and gestural environments. 
Recent shows include Sketching a Succession as part of Brighton Photo Fringe, October 2020 and  >Keep Your Eyes Peeled< at Aff Galerie in Berlin, September 2020. In October 2019 she was selected for the PIC London Collective Strategies program which culminated in the exhibition A Rumour Reached the Village in Why do it together if you can do it alone? at Lewisham Art House.
Eva is a recipient of the Little Barn Bursary 2019 for emerging Female Photographers and was a Photoworks Graduate Award 2019 Runner Up for her series 'That Thing Over There that surrounds and sustains us'. In 2018 she received a grant to spend 6 months developing her practice at Nagoya University of the Arts, Aichi, Japan.
Her first book -----> 'Let's sketch the lay of the land' with Parisian publisher, September books was published in October 2020. 
*The art platform UnderExposed is interested in mutual learning processes and (un)learning practices. Recent commissions include Chain Reaction ‘Curated by UnderExposed’ a new project included in the Photoworks Annual 26. Communal Rituals as part of the Brighton Centre for the Contemporary Arts online digital program Communal: Passages of Time 2020. 
Tracing Realties a new season of the UnderExposed podcast exploring decolonising language and allyship in art practices, is available here now.