Eva Louisa Jonas is an artist based in Brighton. Her work draws from her immediate surroundings, focusing on the self as different interventions with the environment. Often recording our gestural responses to the tactility of the natural world in a variety of textures, she would then execute a making process to incorporate the frames and surfaces of the physical photograph into an exploration of materials and techniques. 
Recent shows include A Rumour Reached the Village at Lewisham Art House in October 2019. 
Her work has been featured on the Guardian, Aesthetica Magazine, Elephant Magazine and Paper Journal. 
In 2018 she received a grant for exchange studies to spend 6 months making work at Nagoya University of the Arts, Japan.
Eva is a recipient of the Little Barn Bursary for emerging Female Photographers and was a Photoworks Graduate Award 2019 Runner Up for her series 'That Thing Over There that surrounds and sustains us'. 
She will publish her first book 'Let's sketch the lay of the land' with Paris based publisher September books in Autumn 2020.