Eva Louisa Jonas is a visual artist, facilitator, and co-founder of the platform UnderExposed*. She is currently based in Brighton, U.K. 
She uses photography to explore the processes by which people situate themselves within landscapes, often focusing on its expression in traces, gesture, and place. 
Recent shows include To skim a stone at Serchia Gallery, Bristol July 2021, and Single Surface at Offshoot Gallery, London June 2021.  
In October 2020 she was part of Brighton Photo Fringe with Sketching a Succession and  >Keep Your Eyes Peeled< at Aff Galerie in Berlin, September 2020. In October 2019 she was selected for the PIC London Collective Strategies program which culminated in the exhibition A Rumour Reached the Village in Why do it together if you can do it alone? at Lewisham Art House.
Eva’s first book Let’s Sketch the Lay of the Land was published in October 2020 with a Parisian publisher, September books.
Drawing from her artistic practice she has planned and delivered a variety of workshops with a focus on building participants Photographic, Archival and Creative skills. She is currently facilitating an LGBTQ+ Photography Club for Photoworks. Additionally, to this, she has worked with a number of art and community organisations including The Photographers Gallery, Queer History Now, Reverberate, Aspex Portsmouth, and Photoworks. 
*The art platform UnderExposed is interested in mutual learning processes and (un)learning practices. Recent commissions include Critical Pulse, mass participatory project working with the University of Sussex, and Photoworks. Exhibition and public programme coming November 2021.