How to Do Your Own Thing Card Pack 
At the Autumn 2023 Photoworks Worthing LGBTQ+ Photography Club the group developed a set of instruction cards. The cards, illustrated with image prompts on one side and a text or phrase on the other depict each member of the group's interpretation of how they do 'their own thing'. 
Fin photographs their favourite tree, the image shows it bent and near to falling, and captions it 'Over time nature grows tired, I've always been one to watch. I've watched this tree grow low, and climbed it since I was 6'. Sylvie collages images of trees with leaves and petals and captions ' I like to go on walks and collect pretty flowers and leaves'. 
This project is a playful take on the relationship between queerness and image making and an exploration that in reality one's 'thing' can't be taught or learned, it's just known or unraveled over time. 
December 2023 / 20 copies / Design and concept by Eva Jonas 
The card pack is pictured below:
Tests, scale, and text experimentations: