My first book Let's Sketch the Lay of the Land with publisher September Books. 68 pp. 20 x 28cm. Available here, via Le Bal books and ofr books, Paris also on Unveil'd.
Review by Louis Stopforth on C4 Journal / Interview with Tom Skinner on Unveil'd.  
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See Let's Sketch the Lay of the Land  in exhibition ----> here. 
Let's Sketch the Lay of the Land draws together encountered forms, surfaces and assemblages. The images are both peripheral and intimate, alluding to the seer and seen, mapping the photographer's own wonderings within structures of order and chance. In this, pairings and associations are found in skin and grass, mark making and fallen trees, open fires and shaded vistas. The gathering together of these observations for the printed page forms an exchange and dialogue between partially visible photograph's, creating work that isn't about one image but, a union of images.