My first book Let's Sketch the Lay of the Land with publisher September Books. 68 pp. 20 x 28cm. Available here, via Le Bal books and ofr books, Paris also online via Unveil'd.
Review by Louis Stopforth on C4 Journal / Interview with Tom Skinner on Unveil'd.  
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Let's Sketch the Lay of the Land draws together encountered forms, surfaces, and assemblages to explore the processes by which people situate themselves within landscapes.
A particular focus is cast upon how this is expressed in rurality, cultivation, and craft - in the burning of reeds, moving of rubble, felling of trees, and etching of figures into hillsides.
The traces in land and guiding hands passing fauna can be read both from the perspective of an observer, someone looking on from the periphery, and, more intimately – by capturing the impressions blades of grass leave on a person’s calf.
This dancing in and out of images, asks us to consider the constant hum of the working with and into landscapes, in equal measure, from a circle left behind after a paddling pool’s summertime stint in the back garden to a grand chalky figure imprinted into a rolling green hillside.