Think about the choreography of objects, collecting forms, shapes, and movements as you go.
Beginning with a walk to nearby sculptures, Eva will guide you through a list of terms that relate to the body and lines within the landscape. You’ll be encouraged to stretch, bend, and extend like the interlinking points of Locking Piece and angles of Three-Piece Sculpture: Vertebrae.
Moving across the site to Large Figure in a Shelter, we’ll trace the points that show how the sculpture has been assembled, drawing lines around fragments of the artwork and retracing its shape onto leaves.
Returning to the workshop space we’ll gather the collected responses – images of gestures echoing the sculptures, fragment drawings, leaf cutouts, to inspire a Moore-like sculpture using wood blocks and shapes. Painting and stamping the shapes we’ll create a record of the workshop to take away, a final trace of our own movements and fragmented forms.