The Importance of Things* 
The Spring 2023 Photoworks Worthing LGBTQ+ Photography Club culminated in a risograph zine printed by Pagemasters.
At the Worthing LGBTQ+ Photography Club in West Sussex, alongside conversations around the importance of these objects and items, we decided to use them as ways to get to know each other, moving through various photography exercises that positioned the objects in different ways - layering, cutting, reflecting and more.
This zine and the collected images and accompanying stories are an invitation for others to share their own objects and connect with others through the stories and memories attached to them.
* title chosen by Marshall 
July 2023 / 150 copies / Design by Eva Jonas / Printed by Pagemasters
The Zines will be at OpenEye Gallery during the month of September with an invitation to respond to the activity. More information coming soon.