The Natural, Rural, and Remote ran from 22.07.23 until 02.09.23 at Serchia Gallery.
The Natural, Rural, and Remote was conceived in response to Eva’s upbringing in Boscastle, a harbour village in Cornwall in which the coast, fields, and sea are perceived by visitors to soothe or inspire. She seeks to investigate this relationship with the land, as although not extractive, in that no resources are taken from the trees or bodies of water, the mindset that is often associated with time in this environment comes with an expectation to feel restored.
Here, photography is used as a form of sense-making as Eva plays out suggestions for a connection between herself and nature, embracing her inner child to stack stones and fly kites, documenting sites of natural sanctuary, and time spent at nature-based retreats.  
Collections of research material and ephemera that informed the approach to making images are positioned together with the artist’s own, as nods to the way such gestures are performed and embodied whilst in the landscape.
Throughout the duration of the exhibition at Serchia Gallery the research material will change - notes, postcards, collected stones, leaves, and seed packets will be added or taken away. As a reflection of Eva’s ongoing aesthetic research, a reflection on the way in which it sits together and how it informs the image making.
 Accompanying exhibition text leylines written by Ricardo Reverón Blanco is available to read here.
Research material made in January 2024. 
Image above by Will Moss
The Natural, Rural, and Remote ran at the same time as Through the Mouth of the River by Feiyi Wen 
The Natural, Rural, and Remote in Brighton Photo Fringe at the Old Peacocks Building, Newhaven, October 2022 
Supported by A-N Artist Bursary 2022​​​​​​​