Critical Pulse a co-commission by the University of Sussex, Photoworks, and ACCA opened on Tuesday 9th November. More information here
To skim a stone a photographic exhibition featuring works by Anne Erhard, Cameron Williamson and Eva Louisa Jonas is open through July and August at Serchia Gallery, Bristol. 
Single Surface opening at Offshoot Gallery Saturday 5th June 5 - 8:30pm. 
Event and exhibition info here. 
UnderExposed commissioned by University of Sussex and Photoworks . More info here
Interview with Ezra Evans for Sketching a Succession as part of Photo Fringe 2020 
Featured in PAPER 02 
A Newspaper of Paper. A photographic case study of the material which makes a photograph an object; a memory tangible. These photographs of paper, reveal how humans can see and perceive the same subject differently; uniquely. Over 40 pages of photographic works from 35 international artists. Published May 2021 by Valentine Editions. Available to buy here
Taking over Spectrum Instagram 22-26 March 2021. 
Interviewed by Tom Skinner about Let's Sketch the Lay of the Land up on Unveil'd now. 
Spreads from my new book Let's Sketch the Lay of the Land published November 2020. Available to order here from September Books.
Featured Image in Splash & Grab Issue 05 - The Overlooked Looked Over 
Upcoming book ------> 'Let's Sketch the Lay of the Land' with Parisian based Publisher September Books
Pre Order starts end of October 
Sketching a Succession is a group show touching upon the making of simultaneous realities that exist in photographs. Drawing together the works of Anne Erhard, Cameron Williamson and Eva Louisa Jonas this exhibition maps their shared interest in cyclical rhythms. The exhibition aims to grant new perspectives on the place of these artists within structures of order and chance.
Through gathered images, pairings and test prints, their findings are visualized. A fluid sense of movement underpins this view of the world, where bodies in a landscape seem to shift in time with the seasons. Forms are at rest or manipulated, crashing seas lie below weathered structures, grass dries slowly in the shadows of trees.
These slow observations allude to the importance of attention, of elevating to visibility what has long lain dormant - histories, unfolding as something at once personal and universal.
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As part of Brighton Photo Fringe 2020. See Install shots here
Taking part in group show >Keep Your Eyes Peeled< at AFF Galerie, Berlin. September 2020 
 'Between Space' shortlisted for Les Ondes Ephémères, Le Bal Books, Paris. August 2020
Upcoming show Single Surface with Callum Beaney, Eugenie Shinkle, Koji Katagawa at Offshoot Art Space April 9th-18th. (NOW POSTPONED). 
My Work is featured in the Lansdown Sweet Shop Windows, Lewes. September 20th - October 2019. More information to follow. 
My book is selected for PhotoBook Show in Lithuania as part of International Photography Symposium. 9-15th September 2019. 
Selected for Photograd Instagram Takeover as part of 2019 Graduate Selections. 
Received funding from Little Barn and Positive Light Projects to attend Dartmoor Summer School of Photography. August 2019
In conversation with Polly Palmerini, Sarah Flynn and Monica Aguilar Villamarin on Women in Photo Instagram. July 2019
 Selected for After School Collective Strategies, a workshop with Hal Silver and Exhibition in Autumn by Pic London.
I will be exhibiting at Free Range Photography Graduate Week 1 at the Truman Brewery 19th to 25th of June with @thissideoftheblue19 - Follow us on Instagram. 
Exhibition at Onca Gallery 27th February - 3rd March.
In conversation with Sonja Thomsen at Women in Photo Instagram.